Lithuanian infectologists still believe that the earth is flat - part 2.1

It is still understandable when a lifelong believer, professor says that that there are no antiviral drugs in old age can't change his mind as new facts emerge because the brain can no longer make new connections between neurons. But more skills are needed in a country as small as Lithuania to find three of them. Or maybe it has to be? Perhaps there's reason why orthopaedists have to learn 40-year-old information about antiviral drugs because otherwise the profession of infectologists would not even exist in 2021? Dr. Lee Merritt about her study, where she says, "It may be difficult for non-physicians to appreciate the
magnitude of this world-shaking scientific omission—and
probable cover-up. It is the pharmaceutical equivalent of being
told for 40 years the world is flat—only to have it conclusively
exposed overnight to be round. This idea that viruses—like
the current pandemic SARS-CoV-2 virus—can be killed by
commonly used drugs—antibiotics, antimalarial, or antiparasitic
agents—profoundly changes the practice of medicine."